Simple Steps to Cutting Your Energy Bill

Did you realize that the normal American home uses on average $2000 in power a year? That is simply power, not including any kind of warming fuel. The disappointing part about this sum is a ton of this cash could be spared easily.

Numerous individuals surmise that their electric bill is something they can do nothing about. They are baffled and concerned over the costs. All things considered, you can cut down the cost of Texas electricity. Minimal straightforward steps can take you to a lower energy bill.

Unplug Cellphone Chargers
Unplug wherever and whatever you can! A considerable measure of gadgets keep on utilizing power even when they aren’t being used. Wireless chargers, PCs, and so on drain bits of power when they are connected but aren’t being utilized. Numerous individuals leave their wireless chargers connected for easy access or later use. Unplugging your cellphone charger will cut a little off your power bill.

No Utilization, Turn It Off
In the event that you are not watching, listening or utilizing, turn it off! Do you end up turning on the TV simply to hear background noise. A lot of individuals do this when they don’t want to feel alone in the home, yet it can absorb huge amounts of power. It can take some getting use to not hearing background noise, yet you will soon find that quiet can be very cost saving.

Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances
On the off chance that you have to purchase new appliance, make certain that it is an energy effective model. Search for the Energy Star logo so you know you are getting an appliance that can help cut your power costs. This is particularly valid for washers and dryers. The dryer alone accredits for 12% off the total cost of energy for the home. You can cut these expenses by acquiring a dryer that features a moisture sensor. This sort of dryer will automatically kick itself off when garments are dry and only when the clock runs out. This alone will help cut your energy savings.

What Time To Utilize Appliances
In addition to purchasing appliances that are energy efficient, consider the time of day that you utilize your appliances. To cut expenses, do the laundry and utilize the dishwasher in the late evening or early morning. This tip may not matter in your general vicinity, however a few companies offer lower rates on off hours. An good alternative is to hang your clothing to dry. Garments that are dried outside smell so wonderful. In the event that you can’t dry outside, you can still hang a decent amount of your garments inside to dry. This will significantly cut the time that you utilize your dryer.

Top 8 Things you Need to Start an Online Business

Starting an online business takes planning and a few tools. Preparing before launching your business helps you be more successful. You spend more time interacting with customers than trying to finish building the first phase of your new company. Every business has its own unique needs, but most online businesses need at least these eight things.

Top 8 Things you Need to Start an Online Business

Webhost and Domain Name

Many online businesses make the mistake of using a free web host and a sub-domain. Customers usually trust websites with their own unique domain name. For instance, customers would prefer “” to “” You need an online presence to start an online business. Find a reputable web host with 99% uptime. These typically cost $5-$20 per month depending on the features the host includes.

You will also need to purchase a domain name. Most businesses choose a .com address. Some webhosts include a free domain name. If you plan to switch hosts in the future, consider buying the domain name from a separate domain name registrar to make it easier to transfer to another host. Domain names range from $1-$15 on average per year. The lower prices are usually special offers for the first one or two years.

PayPal Account

PayPal allows you to accept a wide variety of payments. If you run your own e-commerce store, you need a way to accept payments. PayPal is a secure method many customers trust and recognize. The account is free to setup. Most businesses will need a Business account which does charge transaction fees. These are only a small percentage. PayPal also provides and exportable account history, monthly statements and filters to help you with accounting.

Your buyers do not need a PayPal account to buy from you. PayPal will still process the payment, but the buyer can pay with a credit card. If PayPal is not available in your country, choose another widely accepted payment processor for your area.

Social Media Accounts

You need a way to promote your business. Set up accounts on at least two different networks. The networks you choose vary based on your online business. For instance, Pinterest and Instagram are ideal if you will be posting mainly images. Twitter and Facebook are best for mainly text and a mixture of text and image posts. Try to set up the accounts with the same name as your website.

Make these accounts easier to manage with a social media account management tool. Many services are available that allow you to link numerous accounts and view and manage them from one screen. One of the most popular tools is Hoot suite which is available in free and premium versions.

Shopping Cart Software

The easiest way to get shopping cart software is to choose a webhost that supports e-commerce websites. These include shopping cart software. All you have to do is install the feature. You do not need this if you are selling products through third party marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay or Zazzle.

Analytics Tools

You have no idea how much traffic your site is receiving or if your marketing efforts are working without analytics software. This software tells you which pages receive visitors and how many. It also tells you how long they stayed on each page. You will also discover where traffic is coming from, such as from search engines, social media or back links from other sites. Many webhosts incorporate Google Analytics because it provides most everything you need to check your site’s performance. You can also set this up yourself.

Online Ads

Posting on social media is not the only way to market. You can place ads for your company on a wide variety of websites. Many online businesses promote their company or products with paid ads through Google, Bing, Yahoo, social media sites and individual websites. The cost of running an ad varies based on where you place it, how long it is posted for and the format of the ad (per click or per impression). Most companies wait until the launch date to run their ads. You can create them in advance and schedule them to run later.

Product Delivery Plan

How will you deliver the products you sell? If you are selling physical products, you need a plan for shipping. You will also need to list shipping costs on your website. If you are selling digital products, you need to plan how users will download their purchase. Some sites send an email with the product link. Others allow the buyer to immediately download the purchase from their website. The delivery method should be clearly posted on your site so users know what to expect.

Email Newsletter Service

Email newsletters are one of the easiest ways to stay in contact with interested visitors or customers. Visitors sign up to receive the newsletter and you send them regular updates on new products, site news, promotions and more. Doing this manually is time consuming and you might miss people. Aweber and MailChimp are two common options. They make it easier to keep track of subscribers and send out the right newsletters to the right people.

Optional – Outsourced Help

If you need help setting up a website, designing logos for your company, writing a blog, managing customers or anything else, you can outsource various tasks and projects. This is cheaper than hiring someone to work with you full time. Numerous websites allow you to find and hire the right talent for your needs. This is optional and you may not need any help to start with. You may find you need help with accounting, marketing or other tasks as your company grows. The good thing about outsourcing is you can do it for short or long periods of time.


Taking a few months to set up everything before you try to launch an online business is important. You do not want to miss something when you try to set up everything the day you want to open your business. Preparing now will help ensure a more successful online debut.

How to Turn Site Visitors into Customers

Many online businesses suffer because they cannot convert visitors into customers. The problem is often as simple as the site’s design. Making a few changes to your website is sometimes all that is needed to help create loyal customers out of your visitors.

Ask For an Email Address

You do not have to pester visitors for their email address to get it. Place an obvious email sign up box on either side of your website. Offer something in return such as a discount or free digital product. You can then send out weekly or monthly emails to interested visitors reminding them about your latest products, services, posts or anything else on your site.

Simplify Your Website

The more buttons and pages a visitor has to go through, the less likely they are to buy. Visitors get confused if they cannot simply click a product, add it to their cart and buy it. Remove any unnecessary elements from your site. Having pop-ups between pages, using too many pages to navigate to single items and placing too many design elements on a single page distracts and confuses visitors. Keep it simple and they are more likely to purchase something.

Run a Promotion

Many visitors are afraid to buy from a site they just found. Encourage them with special first time customer discounts. Offer a buy one get one or half off one product. Post this message as a banner on every page that the visitor can close if they want.


A little encourage and better designs are crucial to turning visitors into customers. Once you have them as a customer, they are more likely to come back and recommend you to others.

Best Marketing Tips for Online Businesses

Some customers might find your online business without you doing any work. The majority of online companies have to market themselves to increase their customer base. Marketing does not have to be expensive or complicated. Using several types of marketing is best so you reach a wider audience. The key is to experiment to find the best marketing strategy for your particular business.

Include a Call to Action

Potential customers might see an ad for your site, but not understand what to do with it. Make the action obvious with a CTA. Tell the viewer to “click here,” “visit our site,” “download a free product” or “like you on social media.” You do not have to tell them to buy something. The idea is to get them to your site, blog or social media account to find out more about your business.

Best Marketing Tips for Online Businesses

Write Content

Adding regular content to your site is one of the more inexpensive marketing methods. Many potential customers ignore ads or use ad blockers. This means they may never click the ads you have purchased. Gain organic traffic by writing optimized content for your site. Start with keyword rich content for your product descriptions, home page, about page and any other static pages. Use phrases people might type into a search engine.

You also need regular content. Blogs are the perfect solution. You add a new post once or twice a week. This makes your site fresh in the eyes of search engines. It also adds more chances for potential customers to find your site by searching. It also gives you something to share via social media.

Mimic the Competition on Social Media

You do not have to be a social media expert to successfully market your business. Find competing online businesses on your chosen social networks. Pay attention to the types of content they post, the times they post and how often they post. Notice what types of posts get the most attention from their followers. Do the same thing with your accounts and try to do it even better.

Avoid Over Marketing on Social Media

Many online businesses have problems building a following because all they do is blatantly market. Followers do not want to read posts or view images that are just ads. They need more. Try some of the following types of posts for best results:

  • Answer common customer questions
  • Links to blog posts
  • Special promotions
  • New products
  • Tutorials for using products and services
  • News related to your industry or niche
  • Helpful content from other users

This mixture allows you to market your online business without being a bright, flashy ad all the time. It helps users and encourages them to share your posts.

Place Ads

The hardest part of this marketing method is choosing where to place ads. If you are using social media, targeted ads are a great place to start. For instance, Facebook allows you to customize your target demographic so only those who might be the most interested see your ads. Search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo all have ad programs. Relevant ads appear based on what users search for. You can also choose ad programs that post ads on participating websites which can be hundreds of thousands or more. Use analytics tools or the advertiser’s tools to track the success of each ad source to see which ones work best for you.

Use Visual Marketing

Posting text updates to social media or buying a few text based ads is simple enough. Visual marketing is more eye catching and could lead to more people seeing your ad. Start by posting images to Pinterest and Instagram. These could be images that go with your blog posts or images of your products in use.

Go the extra step by using YouTube. Create fun, entertaining videos or highly informative videos. These two types are often shared. The ads should relate to your business in some way. They do not have to be sales pitches. They could be demonstrations of a product or a funny ad based on current pop culture like you might see during the Super bowl.

Post Press Releases

Press releases have been used for decades to get the word out about businesses, products and services. They are still relevant for online businesses. You could use free or paid press release services. Press releases are informative articles about a specific company or event. They usually include some type of contact information such as a website, social media account or email.

Best Marketing Tips for Online Businesses

Using reputable services helps your site get noticed by search engines faster. They are also easy for viewers to share. They entire purpose is to market your online business by using facts. They can be short or long depending on your needs.

Have a Set Budget

Marketing can quickly eat away at your budget. You do not want your online business to go under because you spent too much on marketing. Decide in advance how much you want to spend on marketing and divide it between the sources you want to use.

Include both time and money in your budget. If you are spending 40 hours a week on marketing, you do not have much time left to run your business. Set a solid budget for each week or month. Stop once you have reached your limit. It is okay to take breaks and try different types of marketing that are more budget friendly. For instance, you might use ads on social media for one month and opt for lower cost ads on a few reputable websites for the next month.


Marketing your online business does not have to be overwhelming. Start by understanding your target audience and what type of marketing they like best. Make sure you have a presence and even ads on the sites they use most. Gaining steady traffic and getting free word of mouth advertising takes time. Do not give up if a specific marketing strategy does not work within the first week. Spending a few more weeks on it could result in a large traffic boost.

Online Business Anyone can Start from Home

Many people want to start an online business but cannot think of an idea. There are numerous types of businesses anyone can start from home. You do not need a special degree or education to start them. All you need is an Internet connection and a website or blog. Depending on the business, you might need products to sell.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest businesses to create. You do need to know how to get traffic to your site. Social media marketing is a major plus. The way this works is you review products, sites or services and place an affiliate link with the review. Readers click the link and you get paid for referring the person if they buy something. You can also create mini-sites around specific products or sites, such as a specific online course.


Blogging takes time before it becomes profitable. All you need is your own domain name and a web host to get started. Choose a topic that you are passionate about or are an expert in. The idea is to write useful or entertaining posts around the topic. Writing regularly and sharing the posts on social media are key to success. You earn money by placing ads, writing sponsored posts, using affiliate links and selling ebooks with your best tips.

Sell Products Online

You can choose to sell digital or physical products through your own online store or through other sites such as eBay or Amazon. If you make your own products, you could create your own website or go through sites such as Etsy. Some sites, such as Zazzle and CafePress, even allow you to create your own designs and place them t-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars and more. The site handles the physical side and you profit.

Subscription Only Communities

Creating a subscription only community allows you to earn through membership dues or via ads. This online business requires you to create a special website that requires each user to login to access the site. This is ideal for offering special content such as podcasts, detailed blog posts and online courses. It helps to have a free version of the site as a teaser to encourage sign ups. You can also offer different levels of subscriptions for different products or services.

Online Business Anyone can Start from Home

Web Development

It helps if you have a basic idea of web design, but it is not necessary. You do not have to create complex websites. Many people only want a few simple pages. Choose a simple and free website creation tool that offers a WYSIWYG editor. You create the site for them using templates and give them the login when you are done. The more you do it, the more you will learn so you can create more advanced sites later.


All of these ideas require little funding to get started. You can learn to do all of these with a little practice. Joining forums and online communities dedicated to the topics helps you learn the basics quickly. You can also ask questions as you go.

5 Skills you Need to Run an Online Business

Online businesses require a special set of skills to be successful. Everyone has the potential to learn these skills. Running your own online business requires you to master each of these five skills. The more you learn, the more your business can grow.


Every business has to be marketed. Online businesses are no exception. You have to learn how to market your business via social media, online ads, blogging, special promotions and more. You cannot rely on walk in business as you would with a brick and mortar business. It is up to you to get the word out.

Business Planning

How will you turn your idea into an online business? You need a detailed business plan. The plan should include actionable steps. You must also know how to change your plan to adapt to current situations. You have to plan everything from choosing a business name and starting a website to marketing and delivering goods and services.


The best way to get traffic to an online business is by writing search engine friendly content. You have to write copy for your website, blog, ads, social media posts and press releases. You can hire others, but you have to know how to judge the quality of their writing.

5 Skills you Need to Run an Online Business

Website Management

You could hire someone to build and manage your website. The problem is you still need to know what you want. If you do it yourself, you have to know how to use web editors and content management systems.

5 Skills you Need to Run an Online Business


Taking the time to learn these skills before starting a business will help you be more successful. If you have problems with any of these, consider hiring someone to help you.