The Sensitive Skincare Routine

We can all have sensitive skin at times, but why does it seem like it kicks in the right on that first outing, at a job interview, or when you have plans for the night? It doesn’t always have to be this way! With a care routine designed especially for sensitive skin, not only will you help the skin feel calmer with a little love and affection, you will be ready to combat the first signs of sensitivity as soon as they appear.

Gently remove makeup

So how do you say goodbye to eye makeup without creating a nightmare for sensitive skin? When skin is sensitive, it is generally more prone to redness and irritation, so try to keep friction to a minimum. A makeup remover specifically designed for the eyes will have just the right combination of ingredients to remove makeup (yes, even the most stubborn waterproof mascara) quickly, effectively, and gently, without the need for scrubbing.

Hold the soaked cotton pad over my eye for a few moments, then just roll it over. To achieve relief benefits. Choose ingredients with good properties for the skin, such as pro-vitamin B5, which is known for its calming effects and for helping the skin’s natural healing process.

Cleanse your happy skin

Cleanse your skin happily. We understand you’re tempted to skip steps in your skincare routine to avoid altering your skin sensitivity. What happens is that when dead skin cells are left on their surface, they can get trapped inside the pores, which can irritate sensitive skin even more. Keep your skin and pores clean with a daily cleanser like Simple Moisturizing Facial Cleanser.

With cleansing ingredients that glide smoothly over the skin’s surface, lifting impurities without friction while cleansing and hydrating, making it one of our best facial cleansers for sensitive skin. It also contains plant extract (and it’s a skincare superhero!) That helps soothe sensitive skin, reduce skin sensitivity, and help it recover from daily challenges.

Changing temperatures can aggravate sensitive skin, so rinse with warm (rather than hot) water after cleansing and pat dry to keep skin calm and happy after cleansing.

Relieves and reduces redness.

The sensitivity of the skin can sometimes leave us with a little facial redness. Does it sound familiar to you? Irritants such as artificial fragrance dyes, UV rays, and stress can especially upset sensitive skin. When the skin becomes irritated, blood rushes to the surface of the skin to help fight inflammation; And even though redness can be a bit annoying, it’s actually a pretty smart way for our bodies to do their job.

Hold a cool face cloth over hot, sore skin after cleansing and give sensitive skin the pause it needs. Look for ingredients with soothing properties (like bisabolol) to help reduce redness and restore balance to disturbed skin. A soothing moisturizer like Simple Moisturizing Face Cream will also help soothe irritated skin quickly.

Use a moisturizer made with your sensitive skin in mind

The best moisturizers for sensitive skin will lock in moisture within the skin while protecting it from environmental factors like pollution, weather, and harmful chemicals, which can raise sensitivity levels. The best cream for sensitive skin is one that is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t block your pores). Warm it between your hands first so you can slide it over the skin. Plus: Applying to damp skin will help it absorb quickly and seal in surface moisture, adding extra hydration points!